Albion Holistics Limited

About Albion Holistics Limited

We aim to provide products and services to empower, inform, inspire and support you on your journey and in all aspects of your life and lifestyle.

We produce a range of natural handmade loose incense and hand dipped essential oil incense sticks and can supply a wide range of herbs, resins, barks, flowers for soap making, incense making, bath infusions or ritual use. We also produce handmade crystal pendulums and simple jewellery and carry a range of accessories and wellbeing products including Himalayan Pink Salt.

We have a range of Vibrational Aromatherapy essences which currently includes:-

Letting Go (can be supplied with a visualisation)
Get Connected - Crown and Base Chakras
Balance - Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat
Inner Strength - Solar Plexus
See Clearly - Third Eye
Love (can be supplied with a visualisation or in kit form)

Our Handmade Natural Incenses Include

Mental Clarity
Space Clearing
Honouring the Ancestors
The Compassionate Heart
Letting Go

We aim to also provide resources to help you learn more including links to articles relating to natural or green lifestyle issues. So here on our Facebook page you will links to articles we find interesting or informative; more information about our products and services; links to events we are attending and anything else we feel fits with our ethos.

Links to "Pages We Like" we hope will take you to other places that may inspire and interest you. Some are businesses local to us, some produce handmade goods we like. Some are just there for interest, fun, learning and growth. None are obligatory.

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Please feel free to CONTACT US either by message or e-mail on the website with any questions about our products or suggestions. We are happy to discuss BESPOKE products with you to meet your specific needs.

Brightest blessings of all love, light and peace to you )O(

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